Mobile Phone and Technology

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I have written this speech to clarify how strongly technology has exceeded our humanity, and how much it affected us as a society and as a whole. It resulted in the loss of humanity in people and the loss of peoples mind in the world of technology. As people have now a days become “addicted” to technological equipments such as smartphones and ipads…etc. In my speech I have provided examples about some real life situation on how technology did exceed our humaity.we became carless and more less responsible about the life we are living and aother stuff that the examples will identify. Also I provided an opposing point where I took in concederation the others side point of view where I looked at this subject from different angles , you can notice that in my speech,and some rehtorical questions to grab the attention of the audience.ended it with a appreciative atitude for the audience listening.

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Goodmorning my fellow students,and thank you for attending and taking part in today’s debate on wether or not have technology exceeded our humanity.To begin with, I would like to clarify that I am personally In favor of this motion, and believe that technology has abviously exceeded our humanity. There are various reasons to why I view technology as a valid motion now a days.we have become devoted to technology more than our own lifes. For example; a child is trying to get their parents attention, but the parent is "too busy" looking at their Smartphone. It's worse when they yell at their child to leave them alone while they stare at their phone. Technology is destroying our future as children and parents and students...etc are controlled by the technological world. Can we let it continue? Should we stop this? Technology has really affected us as a society and might affect as a whole in several ways for example; I watched a man today riding a bike, with his 2 year old son attached to a seat...
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