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Topics: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Christian Guzman
Justifying an Evaluation
Professor Du Mez
LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan

LeBron James or Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time? That is the question that is constantly being thrown around in the media and in turn, to all of us here at home. For me the answer is quite simple, and I will tell you why. Jordan (MJ) is “the best,” nd LeBron is the second best, or is he? MJ won six rings and LeBron James won just one. Does that make MJ better or not? MJ played in the Bulls and LeBron played with Calves, then moved to the Heat. I like MJ because he was so good and never really showed off, he was selfless. I don’t like LeBron because he shows off too much and plays dirty. MJ was a team player and LeBron is ball hog. I know the NBA is way different now, considering that a lot of the NBA players are stronger. Well this evaluation can determent by the championships, skill, popularity, who had the better team. Maybe you can say MJ is better in the 4th quarter than LeBron or other way around. Other differences between MJ and LeBron could be that, Jordan had three seasons of playing college basketball with great players and a great coach. MJ won an NCAA championship and would then later learn how to lose in the same NCAA tournament. He understood how to win with great players and how to play with role players and make them better. Because of this, LeBron will never have the leadership ability of MJ. LeBron could not teach his teammates in Cleveland how to be better and to be a champion, he had never been there. But you can say that does not really matter because skill matters more than leadership. But does that really matter? So what’s more important “How their stats looked in their first year winning a championship” or “How they perform?” Many people seem to think that MJ had success right away. It took Jordan 7 years to win his first championship, at the age of 28. LeBron won his first...
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