Mis Sop

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I have always believed in the credo “If you set your sights for and the intention to do hard work is strong, your feet will carry you there”. It is to this belief that I attribute all, my accomplishments till today and my passion to study further. Life for me is a dynamic process demanding one to be on the move always. No goal is beyond my reach because I believe that “If a man wants to do something he will find a way otherwise he will find an excuse”

I was given training in the basics of the operation and the applications of the computers during my school days. I was constantly taught different concepts of computer in different levels at high school. The various concepts that I am thorough with, in school, are Microsoft office, QBasic and C Fundamentals. Science has been my favorable subject right from my school days and I have always been one among the toppers of my class.

A brief look at my transcripts proves beyond doubt an early aptitude in computer understanding and problem solving. This aptitude led to an interest and finally an immense urge to know about computing. Computers are a passion – and for me it was academic as well as a hobby. An undergraduate engineering degree in Computer Science from my current college – VNR - VJIET affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, one of the premier institutes in India, has fuelled my curiosity, far from satiating it.

At VNR I had the good fortune of having a well-compiled syllabus, which placed equal emphasis on theoretical fundamentals as well as practical applications. Subjects such as Computer organization, Digital Logic Design, Microprocessor Applications laid a solid foundation in the theoretical aspects of the subjects. Practical application aspects were introduced to me through subjects such as Object Oriented Programming concepts, Data Structures, Relational Database Management Systems and Internet technologies. I am interested in learning more about “MIS”....
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