Mike Rose Essay

Topics: University, Bachelor's degree, Higher education Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Nicholas Caiello

Professor Michael O’Connor

English 103

17 September 2013

Is Education A Necessity?

I agree that….(mention mike rose)

Mike Rose has a very intellectual opinion regarding education. Education is something that we all go through at some point in our lives. Some do not finish high school; some go on to college to obtain a Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree. But is this something that is a necessity? Or is this something that we just assume because of our society and how you are told that you will not succeed in life without a piece of a paper that says you spent $50,000+ over the last 4 years?

According to Mike Rose, “Today, if you do not get a B.A., many people assume it is because you are too dumb or too lazy” (pg.241). This statement could not be anymore true in Syracuse, New York. In Syracuse, students who attend Onondaga Community College are considered to be “lower” or “not as smart” as students at Syracuse University. Syracuse University has an enormous tradition and is known for many successful people. But why because we attend a 2-year institution should we be any “lower” than SU? SUNY OCC should be a stepping-stone and a learning curve for students who want to improve on their studies and move onto a 4-year institution. But do you really need either to be successful in life?

The Hospitality Industry is a tough one, and you really have to stand out in order to move up. But a degree in college is not one that is required in this industry. My own personal experience would be seen in two different directions. Currently the General Manager of The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel that I work at graduated from Onondaga Community College, and transferred to Syracuse University and 30+ years later he is a successful GM nearing retirement. But on the other hand his protégé 32 year old Josh Morris did not graduate from college and he is getting ready to take over the General Manager duties in the near future. So do you really need...
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