Michelangelo and His Works in Various Fields of Art

Topics: Art, Poetry, Mind Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: May 11, 2008
Michelangelo was very talented in many fields of art. One is able to see a relationship between his art and his poetry due to its realistic aspects. People who are acquainted with his art and poetry are able to understand his emotions and ideas. Michelangelo was the greatest living artist of his time. Michelangelo focuses on topics of life. In his poems he discusses categories pertaining to love, death, evil and good, beauty, and women. The first is the fault the artist finds in his ability to be both a poet and painter. He is faced with which one he loves better. In the second poem he faces death, which is not necessarily his own life but his life as either painter or poet. His writing is similar to his art in that every word is carved into the realities of life. David is an example of how deep his words can hit someone reading his poems from the sleek, smooth facial features to the rough tree trunk he is leaning against. Michelangelo invites you top feel the emotion or visualize the image of what he is trying to describe to the reader and in that you will end up analyzing his work. With David you are captivated by the seriousness on his face and his muscular features. Both are enticing and interesting to observe and analyze and I believe Michelangelo does this on purpose. Michelangelo was an artist who thought very highly of himself and believed he had a gift from god; that only by his had he can release a masterpiece within the block of marble. In his poems, "Every conception that a man can find" and “On the Brink of Death”, connects with this belief very well. In the first line of the first poem, it says this belief;"Every conception that a man can find is in the stone itself, already there concealed in excess, but will still require a hand to free it that obeys the mind." When Michelangelo created his famous work "David", he believed that David was already within the marble and only his hands can release the masterpiece. In his poem, “Every...
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