Medicated Apathetic Youth

Topics: Distilled beverage, Mind, Expected value Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Medicated Apathetic Youth.

In the song "A.D.H.D." by Kendrick Lamar, he raps about how teenagers and young adults are using and abusing drugs and alcohol. He explains how they do not care about the future consequences of what their abusive actions do. They only care about the moment and the point of just having fun. The metaphors in the song are actually explaining, today’s youth do how things as compared to those of the past. "A.D.H.D." has a few expectations, realities, and similarities to be reviewed.

Before I listened to "A.D.H.D.", I expected the song to be entertaining and metaphoric. Lamar talks about drinking alcohol and smoking weed and what the youth today believes what is cool and fun. I also expected it to be more about partying, which it is, but to the extent to tell the youth "8 doobies to the face, fuck that," meaning you do not have to do these things to fit in with the in crowd."12 bottles in a case" Is not just talking about a 12 pack of beer; is referring to actual bottles of hard liquor. Kendrick Lamar asserts his rejection of the stereotypical rappers' “TURN UP!” and “pop bottles in da club!” mentality. This also describes his disapproval of rampant underage drinking in today’s youth. Many times teenagers will post the alcohol they consume on social media sites like twitter and Instagram. This is another expectation I have of this song as well.

The realities of this song are deep on a metaphoric level of genius. Being able to flow or rap on this subject had me astounded by this lyrical masterpiece. The song teaches the concept that person diagnosed with A.D.H.D. is going to have a shorter attention span on certain things, thoughts, conversations, activities, etc. They display a sense of apathy characterized by the "fuck that" mentality. Kendrick Lamar pronouncing "that" with a weird inflection so to make it sound like the word "thought", mostly referring to how people use drugs as a way to avoid thought. Marijuana, alcohol,...
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