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How to make campus life more meaningful?
Before going to university, I took a colorful and meaningful campus life for granted. Since there were few activities in my six-year high school days, I’ve long been expecting life in university. Now, after becoming a college student for nearly one year, I gradually realized things were not like that. If you do nothing but wait, you will not get anything. Many of us had great passion when we just entered university. However, with time passing by, the passion has gone. Instead, students are used to sleeping in class, playing computers in dormitory very late and wasting a lot of time. I still remember that in the beginning of last term, one of my former classmates told me not to buy notebooks. I was confused then and said we all used notebooks. He simply responded they were useless. We are youth and we are in our youth now. As Samuel Ullman said, youth is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees. It’s a matter of the will, a state of mind, the freshness of the deep springs of life. So the four campus years are really important. Once I was reminded of what I want to obtain from university. For me,I‘d like to be more confident, have true friends ,be eloquent, have a right sense of worth and find my dream. An eligible college student should learn to grow by himself. For example, to read books of various categories to broad one’s horizon, to have the ability of independent thinking. How to make campus life more meaningful? It’s on the premise of abstaining from laziness. University is like an amusement park which only opens for one day. If what we know about ourselves is not enough, to try a lot of times is a good way to experience in a limited time. Your real interests are often hidden. By keep trying you may find your real potential. Also, university provides an easy access to knowledge. You could communicate a lot with other students and teachers. With so much time to arrange by yourself, even you can walk out...
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