Matthew Donovan Ave Maria Essay

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Matt Donovan
May 26, 2013
Attending Ave Maria University
When considering Ave Maria University, I am struck the most by its wealth of resources and its diverse student body. It is humbling to have the opportunity to be mentored by these great minds. I also admire the university’s commitment in maintaining a diverse student population. Each student is unique in their own right. I believe that this strengthens the learning environment in which I would be involved. Each student brings with him or her different experiences and perspective, and limitless ideas. Ave Maria University is known as a prestigious institution of learning. Each and every young adult has the right to learn. This brings me back to the times when I was given the opportunity and pleasure to mentor grade school students in the sport of baseball. I took this opportunity to not only teach them the fundamentals of the sport, but I was also blessed with learning compassion and patience from these young enthusiastic learners. This opened a door for me to go on to mentoring underprivileged students at the University of Illinois at Chicago campus. This touched me so much that it would be an honor while attending Ave Maria University, to get involved in mentoring and volunteer work on campus and within the community. My academic career choice is aimed at giving back. It would be a privilege to study here, especially for students like myself, whose careers may take them anywhere. A degree with your institution is sure to open doors and opportunities for me, regardless of where I am. I aspire to be a great addition to your student population. My exposure to different cultures has taught me a lot about the value and essential goodness of diversity. Through the changing environments that I have experienced, as well as changing circumstances, I am still able to excel and be a good academic student. I am able to push through with my goals and aspirations. I believe that becoming a part of your...
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