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How have the mass media affected human life?
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The role of mass media in the civilized society is still provoking much controversy. Some individuals claim that mass media converts the world into a better place to live in, others, in the meantime, argue that it brings us nothing but trouble. From my perspective, mass media is widely acknowledged for its merits regarding entertainment and information purposes.

In the first place, mass media is considered a source of entertainment. To the present day, television and the Internet offer a surprisingly broad variety of recreational forms such as films, music, games, comics and so on. This wide range, coupled with the blossom of multi-channel technology, facilitates viewers’s relaxation after a hard-working day. Such is the popularity of mass media that hardly any day goes by without tens of thousands of users turning to it for entertainment.

In addition, mass media functions as a means of information. It contains a truly large amount of information of all types: from economic, political to environmental news, which assists onlookers or subscribers in keeping up with the current affairs in the world. For example, it is mass media that helps broadcast the Fukushima’s nuclear explosion all over the world, hence enabling us to be informed of the catastrophe within seconds. But for the information purpose of mass media, human beings would have been kept in the dark about the outside world.

Those holding the reverse view argue that mass media does more harm than good for utilizers. Overexposure to televisions, computers or even newspapers can lead to eye disorders, headache, backache, so on. Should their heath suffer, how can they live normally, let alone comfortably? Nevertheless, the majority of victims are seen in users of young age whose awareness of the bad effects of the mass media has not been fully developed. As long as they are educated, the impact of mass media will not be so...
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