Marketing Plan for Restaurant

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Executive Summary

The Rams Head Pub & Eatery is an Irish style pub which is located at 1337 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario Problem
Rams head is currently facing stagnant revenue, a lack of recognition in the area and a decrease in customers in the summer months. Marketing Audit
Rams head is located across the street from McMaster University in a plaza. It offers pub style food and alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Occasionally advertise with flyers and have daily specials. The target market is McMaster students and residents in the area. Marketing Objectives/Goals

With respect to the problem facing Rams Head, it should aim for an increase is sales revenue during the upcoming summer months, establish a marketing budget and increase customer awareness. Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages

Strengths are its location which is in close proximity to McMaster and is situated on a main road (Main St. W) and the experience of the manager Deon Williams. Weaknesses include its small size and unconventional layout, lack of awareness, lack of active promotion and advertisement and lack of parking. Environmental Analysis

There is demand present from McMaster students however it is lacking in the summer months. The bar industry is constantly changing (ie. change in smoking bylaws) and Rams Head needs to aptly react to these changes. Hamilton is also experiencing a decrease in growth and this will negatively affect the pub however the McMaster student population is on the rise. The primary competitors are Snooty Fox, West End Pub, Boston Pizza and Hess Village. Secondary competitors include Quarters, Phoneix, East Side Marios, Players and Billy Bobs. Alternative Strategies

Strategy A is to increase the number of promotions regarding sports. Currently Rams Head offers sports related themed events such as ¡°Monday Night Football¡± in which NFL football is playing on the televisions and 39 cent wings are available. Another possible strategy to increase revenues in the summer is to try and cater to summer workplace events. Strategy C is to focus all efforts on increasing brand recognition. Through the research conducted (see Appendix ¨C survey results) it was discovered that very few of the people asked had even heard of Rams Head yet alone been there. Recommended Marketing Strategy & Implementation plan

Strategy C is recommended as it appears to have the most current benefits. Implementation involves the following over the span of 3 months: ¡¤Promoting through more flyers and posters
¡¤Use of an outdoor sign
¡¤Advertising in the Hamilton Spectator and Y108
¡¤Improving and updating the current website
¡¤Evaluating the effectiveness of the strategy with the use of surveys. Table of Contents

Company Introduction1
Problem Identification2
Marketing Audit3
Target Market5
Marketing Objectives and Goals6
Quantitative Goals6
Qualitative Goals6
Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages7
Company Resources10
Environmental Analysis10
Demand and Demand Trends10
Social and Cultural Trends12
Demographic Factors13
Economic and Business Conditions13
Primary Competitors14
Snooty Fox14
West End Pub15
Boston Pizza15
Hess Village16
Secondary Competitors16
Alternative Strategies17
Strategy A18
Strategy B18
Strategy C19
Recommended Marketing Strategy20
Implementation Plan21
Appendix A: The Rams Head Pub & Eatery¡¯s Beer List25
Appendix B: The Rams Head Pub & Eatery¡¯s Menu26
Appendix C: The Rams Head Pub & Eatery¡¯s Drink Price List27 Appendix D: The Rams Head Pub & Eatery¡¯s Promotional Flyer28 Appendix E: Rams Head Marketing Survey29
Appendix F: Census Tract Data32
Appendix G: Map to Snooty Fox34
Appendix H: Comparison of Prices among...
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