Marketing and Product Objectives

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Marketing and product objectives
ƒÞTeam Octoberfest¡¦s marketing intent is to attract as many college students to College Night as possible. We want to want to offer a diverse amount of students a place to gather and make new friendships. Also a place to promote art awareness to society.

ƒÞCurrent Market: Our current market is a large group of college students from all over Boston. These students typically tend to be underclassmen at their respected undergraduate institutions.

ƒÞNew Markets: By the end of 2006 we want to expand our current market. We want our main focus to still serve the needs of primarily underclassmen, but we want to attract more upperclassmen into experiencing College Night as well. We want not only local college students from Colleges of the Fenway to be present, but colleges all over the Greater Boston area.

ƒÞNew Products: Our food will include ¡§fall season¡¨ taste. In order to stay with the theme of fall season, we will offer candy apples, sandwiches, water, along with a few other tastey treats. We will also expand our activities options, prizes, and entertainment. Prizes will include tickets to local sporting events, free passes to the MFA, and ipods. In order to be entered into this raffle you must wear a costume.

The primary target market for Team MFA is the college student. Previously, the target maybe have been focused on the intellectual or artistic student, but we want to broaden our market to include all types of college students. There will be something here for every type of student whether you are an athelete, techie, artist, partyier, etc.

ƒÞThe ¡§points of difference¡¨ are the characteristics that make Team MFA stand out among competition.¡XHere are the main points of difference that make us special, and will make college students decide College Night rather than other options:

ƒÞWe are free. How many other things are free on a Thursday night and focused on you? Free food, games, entertainment,...
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