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1.0 Introduction
I have selected Milo packet drink as my Fast Moving Consumer Goods ( FMCG product) to appraise the perceptual influence of consumers. MILO®UHT is available in most of the convenience store which is easy to approach for every consumer. The new improved Milo packet drink is so convenient and easy to consume compare with previous Milo tin packaging. 2.0 Packaging

Compare with other series of Milo, this is latest technology which is made with UHT, in green bright colours and tall packages to attract attention from consumers and influence consumption. The new packaging is more light, convenient, and ready to drink compare with previous Milo series. In the same time, consumers are tend to believe that taller size of packet drink contain more than shorter package of the same volume which help to increase consumption and increase sale.

3.0 Label

Figure 2
The Packaging for Milo packet drink is green in colours, and depicts people playing various sports on the packet.. Besides that, brighter colours like green will create a more excitement and get more attention than dull colours. Therefore, it received more attention and encouraging customers to make impulse purchases. The attractive visuals like gymnastic girls in the Milo packet also a simply reflects that drinking a pack of Milo will provided extra nutrition to help us stay energised through our action-packed day.

The label now limits itself to “Less Sugar”, its obviously compare the previous sugar level and current sugar level which is from 6.7g to 4.2g .This can psychology people think that Milo is more healthy and safe to drink more since current sugar level is lower.

Besides that , at the back of the Milo UHT ready drink packaging , it clearly describe Milo contain Actigen E ,which contain healthier nutrition and mineral which needed in our health. It make consumer perceived that Milo is a healthy chocolate and malt beverage in a convenient pack , give extra value to...
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