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Lack of an auditorium is a big problem in NSU

Date :June 17, 2012
To :Mousume Akhter Flora (MkF)
From :Md. Faridul Islam
Subject:Proposal to do a research paper on the needs of the students from an auditorium of North South University Introduction: In student life every students want something special from their universities where they read. The main fact behind this reason is, so that they can show up their university as a different one from all other universities. Every student always thinks that their university will have no lacking. Its their right to get all kinds of facilities from their universities. Auditorium is also an important part for a university where different programs are held. A university always has to do some kinds of cultural programs, functions in different occasion. But it’s a matter of great sorrow that students’ of North South University has no auditorium in their campus and they are facing so many problems. In many important respects, an auditorium can be seen as being almost perfectly media of students’ relationship. Research Questions: In my research I plan to investigate the importance of an auditorium for students, the benefits which students want from an auditorium, and what is an auditorium itself. To the end I will be addressing the following research questions. * What is an auditorium and what is unique about it?

* How it is usually used?
* What students expect from an auditorium?
* How do students think about an auditorium?
* How do students feel about the auditorium?
* What do experts and scholars say about the importance of an auditorium for students? Hypothesis: The unique thing about the auditorium is that using singly it can’t be a solitary activity. Because its a place where different programs, functions or concerts are held and all those need many students’ and other peoples’ participation. Even the acts of arranging programs...
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