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SOP - Banquets - Back-Of-House Setup & Equipment Storage
SOP - Banquets - Beverage service and Order taking
SOP - Banquets - Bill preparation and settlement
SOP - Banquets - Buffet setup and Maintaining
SOP - Banquets - Cocktail service and Reception packages
SOP - Banquets - Function Sheet / Event order ( BEO )
SOP - Banquets - Menu Engineering and Cost Control
SOP - Banquets - Post event Manager & Supervisor duties
SOP - Banquets - Sales Correspondence Policy setup
SOP - Banquets - Service sequence and Briefing before event
SOP - Banquets - Sit down buffet service
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Beverage Pick up and service
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Clear Counter, Lounge and Tables during service SOP - BAR / Lounge - Closing routine duties
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Equipment Cleaning
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Greeting guest upon arrival
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Guest Farewell Greeting
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Opening Routine
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Processing drink re order
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Serving Wine
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Setting up service concept
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Store Requisition and inventory
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Suggestive Selling and Up selling
SOP - BAR / Lounge - Wine and Beverage order taking
SOP - F&B General - Guest Billing types and checks settlement SOP - F&B General - Guidelines / Tips for conducting departmental meetings SOP - F&B General - Handling guest complaints
SOP - F&B General - Reporting to Work
SOP - F&B General - Staff Grooming
SOP - F&B General - Staff Hygiene
SOP - Room Service / IRD - Delivering guest orders
SOP - Room Service / IRD - Departmental policy setup
SOP - Room Service / IRD - Door Knob menu order and Delivery time SOP - Room Service / IRD - Order taking tips
SOP - Room Service / IRD - Preset tray and trolley
SOP - Room Service / IRD - Serving the Guest Order
SOP - Room Service / IRD - Tray, Trolley, Cart removal

The front-of house is a reflection of what happens in the back-of-house. It reflects the team’s ability to work in a clean and organized way, and with discipline. Where the b-o-h is neglected, operations personnel will find it more difficult to provide an efficient service for guests. The back-of-house shall be impeccable at all times.

Equipment must be stored in the appropriate area and the furniture taken care of properly. The cleanliness of this area is of vital importance to maintain hygiene standards. For each large function, one person will be in charge of organizing the b-o-h. Her/his responsibilities include the following : She/he will make sure that all waiters, bartenders, stewards and cooks respect the back-of-house rules ensuring that it remains an efficient working area. She/he will ensure that all the required equipment for serving the next course or drink is ready and, wherever needed, she/he will assist in setting up. She/he will prepare the whole set-up for the coffee service. She/he will assist the Chief Steward in organizing the cleaning station in an efficient way. EQUIPMENT STORAGE:

All equipment must be returned to its storage place as soon as the function is finished. Every piece of equipment has its storage place which must be organized in an efficient way. This will ease access to this equipment. Proper storage of equipment will result in less breakage and damage. In every storage room, signs must clearly indicate where each piece of equipment is to be stored.

SOP – Banquet Beverage service and Order taking:
The same basic rules for serving beverages apply as for other F&B outlets, but because of the larger numbers of guests, service needs to be quick and efficient.  
Soft drinks will not be pre-poured in glasses more than 5 minutes before being served. Draught beers will only be poured as required (no carafe).  
Take Beverage Orders:
The function host will have selected the beverages when booking the function. The banquet event order (BEO) will list these...
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