Management Test Questions with Answers

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Accounting Society
Description: The Accounting
is designed for all business majors
but particularly for accounting
Weekly meetings will be held with
guest speakers from the accounting
industry. Members will build
professional networks and gain
knowledge of a variety of work
On Campus Advisor: Xiemen Xie
Telephone: 310-243-2131
American Marketing Association
Description: We are a professional
networking club that focuses on
furthering knowledge of marketing
On Campus Advisor: Juan Holguin

Asian Pacific Student Alliance
Description: The purpose of our
organization is to educate others on
Asian and Pacific Islander culture,
and to bring said culture to the
campus community.
On Campus Advisor: Susan Nakaoka

Telephone: 310-243-7387

Association of Political Science
Description: The Association of
Political Science Students (APSS)
is non-partisan organizations that
provides its members with a
number of outlets to explorer and
advance their civic, academic and
social interest. The club also hopes
to spread these benefits to the staff
and local communities.
On Campus Advisor: Hamoud Salhi

Telephone: 310-243-3982

Telephone: (310) 243- 3567
Anime Club
Description: The purpose of the
Anime Club is to enhance the
academic environment by
stimulating the growth and
appreciation of Anime as an art
form as well as the awareness and
understanding all aspects of
Japanese Culture, including but not
limited to books, music, food, and
of course animation.
On Campus Advisor: Mark Kerr Jr.
Telephone: 310-243-3423
Anthropology Club
Description: The Anthropology
Club is a diverse community that
celebrates multiculturalism and is
dedicated to enriching students
through a mutual support/peermentoring program. Striving for academic excellence and success,
the club encourages members to
participate in the online journal
(ESJOA) and attend academic
conferences and workshops.
On Campus Advisor: Dr. Janine Gasco

Telephone: 310-243-3506

Circle K International
Description: Circle K International
is a non-profit collegiate service
organization, which provides
opportunities of Fellowship,
Leadership, and Service; our three
tenants. Our motto is "Live to
serve, Love to serve." Projects
range in a variety of events and
there is no distant too far for our
On Campus Advisor: Maria
Telephone: 310-243-3121
Community Parents Alliance
Description: The organization will
develop a connection to the
community to have the campus to
be a more community friendly.
This organization will organized
workshop to the community for
different purpose and focus.
On Campus Advisor: Abel Amaya

Black Student Union
Description: The purpose of the
BSU is to allow students to
fellowship among their other peers
and to remind them that higher
education is key. Our purpose it to
also reach out into the community
and empower high school student
to pursue a college career and that
there community does not define

Telephone: (909) 263-6463
Description: We are a club that
promotes high academics,
community service, and social
On Campus Advisor: Deborah
Telephone: (310) 243-3625

On Campus Advisor: Lee Broussard

Telephone: 310-243-3557

Ceramics Guild
Description: Ceramic guild is a
club for students who enjoy
making ceramic art works with the
arts we sales towards the end of
each semester we use the money to
buy supplies for the ceramic class
that will help art students to further
their education.
On Campus Advisor: Jim Keville
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