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Technology Management is set of management a discipline that allows organizations to manage its technological fundamentals to create competitive advantage. The focus is on technology as the primary factor in wealth creation, involves more than just money, enhancement of knowledge, effective exploitation of resources, preservation of natural environment and other factors that may contribute to raising standard of living and quality of life. Also involves assuming responsibilities for creating, acquiring and spinning out technology to aid human endeavors and satisfying customer needs.

In the past, the value of a company was assessed largely on the basis of its capital and physical asset such as land, buildings, equipment, and inventory. Today, the real value of a company is much more that a value of it physically asset or its simple accounting net worth. Technology adds value to the assets of the company, the technology resides in the company’s people and its technological systems.

The technologies that exist in a business are the technological assets of that business. These assets may therefore include hardware, software, brainware, and know-how. They constitute the collective knowledge and technically capabilities of the organization, including its people, equipment and systems.

Goodway Integrated Industries bhd is a company that used the technology management in his way of management and business, a company that is heavily involved in rubber products industry, its business is catered to the tyre retreading business while the balance is technical rubber compounds used for items such as automotive parts and high-pressured hydraulic hoses for aircraft.

Technically, Technology management is played a key role to successful and important part in this challenges and competitive world, because it provides all the criteria and technological fundamentals that today fast forward world needs, in orders to improves the products and capability of the corporation. COMPANY BACKGROUND

Goodway Integrated Industries Berhad ("GIIB") is a Malaysian public listed company involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution of technical compounds, retreading compounds, tyre compounds and other rubber related products to 45 countries worldwide. It also provides other services such as retreading, total retreading business system and professional technical consultancy to its customers.  

Goodway has manufacturing plants in East and West Malaysia, as well as in China, Indonesia and distribution offices in Australia and Sweden. Goodway is an investment holding company. The Group, through its subsidiaries, is involved in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of rubber compound and related products to 45 countries worldwide. It also provides retreading services and professional technical consultancy to its customers.

(Front view of Goodway Rubber office)


To be the most reliable rubber technology and rubber compound provider. Mission
Using innovation and technology to consistently deliver products and services that add values to end-users. Value
Integrity, Trust and Respect.


Technology has always been intertwined with society’s progress but never before tin history has technology been so visibly linked to improvements in standards of living. The human aspiration for a better life increasingly depends upon technology and its effects on all aspects of life. Because of technology’s pace and scope of change are having profound effects on every human institution.

Yet, in no other time in history has technology been as pervasive in human lives as it today. To an ever increasing extent, it has invaded every aspect of human endeavor. Government operations, global operations, privates’ enterprises, and individuals are highly dependent of technology for their success.

Technology is continuously progressing, and world markets are...

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