Topics: Serial killer, Time, Crime Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Luis Alfredo Garavito “The beast”.

From early 1992 to 1999, Colombia experienced a period of terror and anguish. Hundreds of families were victims of disappearances of their sons, who was being kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed by the hands of a heartless unscrupulous man, whose name is Luis Alfredo Garavito better known as the Beast. The most famous serial killer in Colombia. Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos was born in January 25, 1957 in Génova, Quindío. He was the oldest brother between his seven siblings. His education wasn’t the best, he just done until five grade of elementary school, because he had a bad memory and his father who was a violent, womanizer, and alcoholic men treat him as a the useless and dumb person ever. Time later he and his family moved to Ceilán, a town located in the north of the department of the el Valle of the Cauca. He is characterized as a shy and introvert child usually violent and frequently bother by his classmates, who suffered from an inferiority complex. Garavito never was surrounded by a good family environment, because his father was a man who brutally hit his mother and who hurled offensive words to him. His father wouldn’t allow him to have a normal social life. In other words he was victim from physical and mental torture by the people who surrounded him. On the age of 12 he was sexual abused by his father’s friend who tortured and raped him in the field for two years, until him and his family moved again to another town called Trujillo. In this place he was again raped for a pharmacist who works in the pharmacy of the town. He never dared to tell his father what was happen to him, because he was really afraid how his father would react and also because his father could trust more in his friends that in his own son. Since that moment Garavito started to feel a weird attraction for persons from his same gender. At the age of 16 he tried to sexual abuse from a child, but the child could escape and then...
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