Lowering the Drinking Age to 18

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture, Alcohol Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: May 8, 2011
Lowering the Drinking Age to 18
It’s your 18th birthday and your finally a legal adult. Immediately you can smoke cigarettes, vote, be a jury member, even join the military and fight for your country. But don’t think about a having a beer at your going away party the night before you depart for the Middle East. No, you will have to wait until your 21. As an American citizens we are given many responsibilities at the age of 18. One of them not being the ability to consume alcohol. So I believe that at the age of 18 should come the responsibility of legally partaking of alcohol. If we are considered adults and expected to act like one at the age of 18, it isn’t right to restrict us to a drinking age of 21. At 18 you can get married, vote, pay taxes, take out loans or risk your life as a member of the U.S. military. But the law in our country says that no alcoholic beverages may be sold to anyone until the age of 21. Who says that 21 is the magical age that makes one intelligent and mature enough to consume alcohol. Sure some adults abuse alcohol and some teenagers would be able to drink responsibly. While 21 may be the legal drinking age in the U.S., no scientific evidence exists proving this is the age at which young people can safely begin drinking alcohol. (Bryan Knowles). By lowering the drinking age it would take away some of the temptation involved with alcohol. It’s not as much fun when its allowed! The most common reason for underage drinking is because alcohol is seen as “the forbidden fruit. In a study by Dr. Engs, professor of applied health and science, found that by increasing the legal drinking age, young people tend to abuse alcohol more. In actuality raising the drinking age was much worse than doing nothing. Drinking is more exciting when it is illegal. So many people go out and get drunk simply because they know that it’s illegal (Dr Engs). If we do away with this concept then we are left we people partaking...
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