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When students enter universities, they are usually far way from homes. And they have to choose living in dormitories or living in apartments in the communities. Either place has some advantages.

Living in university dormitories means that students do not care much about buying furniture such as beds, desks, lights, cabinets and so on. They are ready to use in almost dormitories. Moreover, dormitories are in the university campus, so students can save a lot of time and money to move between their dormitories and classrooms. They maybe spend such time and money to study more. And another advantage of living on campus is that students have many friends come from various regions of the country, even from other countries. Therefore, they have opportunities to make friends each other and to share their culture, activities, and feelings. As a result, they avoid homesick and get relaxed.

On the other hand, living in apartments outside campus, students must not follow strict rules of dormitories. Thus, they can get job easily to earn money and to obtain work skills. Furthermore, living in apartments, students can keep noise away and focus on their lessons. In contrast to dormitories, each room has more two students and it is easy to make noise. Additionally, they can arrange and decorate their rooms in their ways. And they can buy foods and cooking materials, the cook a variety of dishes they like, which help them feel delicious and eat a lot.

In conclusion, there are advantages in both living on campus and living off campus. But in my opinion, I really want to living in my own apartment. Because I can live more freedom, earn jobs to spend more and obtain work skills, concentrate on studying better and eat the meals I like.
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