Lessons Learned From An Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Topics: Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage, Sit-in Pages: 4 (1116 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Interactive Assignment – AA Meeting
Alec Heffner
For this interactive assignment, I chose to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meeting in the local area. I chose to attend this event out of pure curiosity. I like to enjoy alcoholic beverages on a regular basis, so I felt it would be very enlightening to sit down and really listen to what these people had to say. Throughout the rest of this essay, I would like to recreate that experience. Over the course of this meeting I was able to walk away with two valuable lessons. First, I learned that a person’s problems can have serious repercussions on not only their lives, but all the lives around them. Alcoholism being a prime example of this. Another little lesson that I was able to take away from this experience was just the realization that alcoholism and such problems happen to people from all different walks of life and how important it is that we treat all these people equally. For example, an unemployed divorced guy is just as important as the millionaire stockbroker, so they should be treated accordingly. This entire experience was a very eye opening for me and I enjoy the opportunity to share my thoughts.

After I decided to do this as my interactive assignment, I got online and began doing research on where to find a local AA meeting. While in the midst of googling this, I discovered how readily available this information is on the web. Sometimes it can be difficult to find contact information or someone’s address but the site I went to had it laid out very simply and even gave MapQuest directions with just a click. Thinking about this, I realized why these websites were so simple and straightforward. It’s because if someone is looking for this information there’s a good chance they’re not exactly sober, so it needs to be an easy, welcoming experience otherwise you risk someone changing their mind simply because they got frustrated attempting to find help. It’s refreshing to see that so much...
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