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Topics: Television, Media violence research, Youth Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Owais Siddiqui
Professor D.Riechers
English 111- Tuesday
January 22, 2013

Lego Ad
This paper discusses the Lego picture advertisement which reads “Kids shouldn’t watch too much TV” (see attached picture). The photograph shows a young male sitting on the sofa pointing a gun towards his temple. The surrounding picture shows a coffee table which has a bottle of an alcoholic beverage which is half-empty. There is also a fallen glass on the coffee table. The picture shows that the young person is sweating and has a stressed out face in agony and pain. This advertisement was taken from the Daily Inspiration magazine dated July 8, 2011. Lego article suggests that watching too much TV is bad for kids. The image in the picture conveys the idea that watching TV influences kids to adopt violence, become alcoholic and commit suicide. Although the message in the picture is disturbing, but the intent of Lego is clearly to promote their own toys and show that playing with Legos will avoid violence in society. Lego is trying to say that the material shown on television or movies is just not appropriate for young people. The media these days is full of content which promotes violence, use of alcohol, drugs, and glamorizes rash behavior through fictional stories. A good example is the latest movie “Django.” This movie, without any shame or concern, shows guns, extreme violence and killing of people with no consideration for human life. A human life can be taken away so easily. No doubt movies are fun, enjoyable and have a lot of excitement, but when people watching violence start acting upon it in real life, it can turn into a serious problem. The message this sends to young kids can be very harmful. Recent events in Newtown, Connecticut demonstrate this point. One single person could do so much harm by stealing his mother’s semi-automatic guns. He walked into a school and gunned down innocent kids and teachers. Although television violence cannot be proven completely...
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