Learning Facilities in Colleges

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Rewarding careers exist, and the number has increased considerable in the field of educational media. This include preparation and use of audio visual materials such as films and tapes; development of published aids, including textbooks; and writing producing and teaching for educational television. This provides wider learning facilities to college students; a concrete means of developing or improving proficiency in his chosen field.

If properly used, many of the instructors believe students evaluation of courses and faculty will serve as a stimulus for improvement of teaching. A certain faculty agrees that any valid criteria for teachers of success ultimately with the product of the teaching effort after the student have departed from the teacher’s classroom. Thus, it is not the performance of the students while in the classroom wwhich is important but rather the behavior after the classroom relationship has ended. One good reason to study is having a conducive and a well-equipped library. Students will find learning more exciting and challenging when they see a library with its available books for study. Many regard the library as the most important influence in the intellectual climate of an institution. Since it is the largest and most complicated peace of educational equipment, students are discouraged by its complexities. Books provide the union of understanding that links the generation; makes it possible to share human experiences down through times and cast one visual of life. Forward into a future it shall not see. And again the library is the essential instrument forgiving reality to the potential of books for immortality (Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 17, p. 307). Scholarships and students’ loan are another attraction to incoming college student. The expense of higher education is an obstacle to many young men and women who have the intellectual and...
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