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Criminal Investigative Profiling
Sandoval , Faviola
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Investigative profiling captured the imagination of Hollywood and America after movies such as Mindhunter and Silence of the Lambs illuminated movie screens and the minds of the public. Investigative profiling endeavors to answer the question of the offender’s identity through the analysis of crime scene characteristics. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s dichotomy of organized and disorganized criminals, Brent Turvey’s deductive method of profiling, and the University of Liverpool’s Investigative Psychology are techniques that have risen and fallen in favor with criminal investigators. . Canter developed seven principles that can be applied to the examination of any crime scene. The principles note that criminals differ in the intensity and seriousness of the crimes that they choose to commit, their interactions with the victim and the level of expertise that the criminal brings to the crime scene. Once these differences are examined in the social context that the crimes occur, a better understanding of the offender can be gained (Canter, 1994). Canter also warns not to become too involved in the psychological makeup of the individual but to carefully consider Direct quote…what offenders do, their actions, and the salient characteristics that one criminal’s actions from another’s, rather than attempt to build explanations on inferences about putative motives Page number 4, Year of Publication: 2000, Authors: Canter and Alison Based upon the interviews and the Behavioral Science Unit’s agents Hazelwood, Robert Ressler and John Douglas, a dichotomy of crime scene characteristics was developed. Crime scenes were placed into one of two categories; either organized or disorganized. Once this was done, the offender’s personality characteristics could be derived from the statistical profile of organized and disorganized serial killers....

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