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1. Introduction:

We are submitting a well-structured and comprehensive report on “Factors influencing University students’ Laptop purchases”. Despite many constraints like scope and access to information, we have tried to create something satisfactory. We have tried to follow your guideline in every aspects of preparing this report. We have concentrated on the most relevant and logical areas to make our report coherent as well as practical. We hope this report will entice your kind appreciation. This century is called technological century. So everyone prefers new technology to keep them ahead. This reports experience helps us to find out what factors influence student to purchase a laptop. Many thing influence student to purchase a laptop like Outlook, performance, Need, Physical In this modern time student wants to buy a laptop which increase status, fulfils need and entertainment.

1.1 Objective of the report:
The objective of this report is to find out the factors which influence Student’s purchase decision of laptops. The main objective of this report “Factors influencing University students’ Laptop purchases” is to find out the result about this issue.

1.2 Problem statement:
To prepare this report, the selected problem statement that we are going to find out is given below. To find out the most important factors which influence students’ purchase decision of laptops. To find out difference between Public and Private University.

1.3 Scope and limitation:
This report have covered on the students of three Private & public Universities. The selected private universities within Dhanmondi area & public it is Jagannath University, Dhaka University and BUET. Limitation:

The report has covered around 200 students (3 private & public) only for lack of man power. Due to the financial problem, We couldn’t cover all private & public universities in Bangladesh.

1.4 Methodology:
Methodology of the report is given below
1.4.1: Topic selection: We have selected topic by discussion with group member.

1.4.2: Sample technique:
We have surveyed by non-probability sampling. Our group members have surveyed within 200(Private: 100 & Public: 100) students .In the private universities male & female students are 50 & 50. On the other hand, in the public universities male & female students are 50& 50. 1.4.3: Data collection method:

To prepare this report, the data have collected from the students of several private & public Universities. 1.4.4: Data analysis method:
To prepare this report, the data have analyzed by using graph, tally, and computer. 1.4.5: Data presentation:
To prepare this report, the data have presented by using Microsoft office Word & power point 2007.

2. Report Analysis:
Our report is “Factors influencing University students’ Laptop purchases” & we find out the result of two hundred students from three public & private universities. The information we have collected is given below:

Survey information (public university):
We have surveyed on Public University within three departments (BBA, CSE & EEE). We have surveyed between 20% female and 30% male in BBA, 10% female and 20% male in CSE and 5% female and 15% male in EEE departments. All of the students provided their reliable information.

Survey information (private university): We have also surveyed on Private University within four departments (BBA, CSE, EEE & ETE).There are 22% female and 49% male in BBA, 4% female and 5% male in CSE, 4% female and 13% male in EEE and 2% female & 1% male students in ETE.

Report analysis of public University:
From the first question, high performing laptop is important for you , we found that 13.33% male and 0% female are strongly agree, 36.67% male and 15% female are agree, 50% male and 85% female are neutral .

“ Laptop is better than desktop” by following this, we...
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