Labour Economics

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2012 Labour Economics: Essay topics

1.“A number of factors impacted negatively on the South African labour market between 1900 -1922.” Give a concise outline of those factors. Briefly describe some the conflicts that resulted.

2.Write an essay discussing the motivation and methods for creating the colour bar in the South African labour market during the first half of the 20th century.

3.“The Labour Relations Act of 1995 makes it possible for Employers and Trade Unions to operate as bilateral monopolies” Discuss.

4.Write an essay in which you explore the different arguments that have been put forward for South Africa’s high rate of unemployment.

5.Why should South Africa regard the unemployment problem as its most important social priority?

6.Neoclassical economists, like George J Borjas, argue that although immigration has a negative impact on the local (native) working population in the short-run it is good in the long-run and will result in an immigration surplus. Do you agree with this argument when looking at the impact of both legal and illegal immigration on the South African labour market? Write an essay setting out your arguments.

7.Write an essay setting out your arguments of why you agree or disagree with the idea of a youth subsidy.

8.Choose one industry within South Africa that has been seriously affected by globalization. (Either negatively or positively)

9.There are several economic models of discrimination, and the nature of discrimination matters both in terms of the effect of discrimination and the effect of affirmative action. Write an essay in which you set out your arguments for or against affirmative action as a policy to deal with discrimination and inequality in the South African labour market.

10.Choose any topic on the South African labour market that is relevant to the course. Please seek approval from the lecturer before attempting it.

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