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Topics: University, Gender, Male Pages: 5 (907 words) Published: August 7, 2013
7126 / 6667: Survey Research & Design in Psychology / G

Faculty of Health, University of Canberra



1. Complete these details and the declarations electronically. 2. Insert this sheet at the start of your lab report.
3. Submit the entire assignment, including this coversheet, as one file via the lab report drop-box on Moodle. 4. For more information, see Lab report guidelines.

|STUDENT NAME: | |STUDENT ID: u******* | |EMAIL: u******* | |PHONE: ********** | |WORD COUNT (see link for how to calculate): 1,000 words | |DUE DATE: */*/12 DATE SUBMITTED: */*/12 |


(Choose Yes or No for each – delete the undesired option)

Compulsory declarations: You must accept these declarations or the assignment will not be marked – this may result in penalties for late submission:

|Yes |I hold a copy of this assignment that I can produce if the original is lost or damaged. | |Yes |I hereby certify that no part of this assignment or product has been copied from any other student’s work or from any | | |other source except where due acknowledgement is made in the assignment. No part of this assignment has been written for| | |me by any other person except where such collaboration has been authorised by the unit convener/tutor concerned. The | | |material contained in this assignment has not been previously submitted for assessment in any other formal unit of study| | |or course. |

Optional declarations: You may accept, reject or ignore these declarations without penalty:

|Yes |I give permission for my de-identified (all identification will be removed) assignment to be used for benchmarking | | |purposes (e.g., accreditation visits). | |Yes |I give permission for my de-identified (all identification will be removed) assignment to be released into the public | | |domain (e.g., whole or parts could be used as an example for future students). |

Gender Differences in University Student Satisfaction
University of Canberra
A student satisfaction survey of 508 University of Canberra students was conducted to examine whether satisfaction (Campus Design, Environment, and Quality of Education) varied by gender. A 2 × (3) mixed ANOVA indicated a within-subjects effect of student satisfaction which accounted for 17% of variance. Quality of education satisfaction was rated higher than Environment satisfaction which, in turn, was rated higher than Campus Design satisfaction. There was no main effect for gender and no-significant interaction between gender and satisfaction factor. Future research could examine gender differences for other student satisfaction factors. Gender Differences in University Student Satisfaction

Satisfaction can be conceptualised as the congruence between a person and...
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