kiss n tell

Topics: Color theory, Art, Color Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: November 13, 2013

Mayra Navarrete
Period 5
Art 2 Portfolio
In my art project, I did a self portrait of myself where I had to show a little bit about my cutlure also. My face is black and white, but everything else is colored. My lips should be the first thing that people notice when they look at my work of art, they are painted red. The details on my lips make them actually look like my actual lips. I'm wearing a green button up that has these oval-ish shapes. In the background, I drew a Nicaraguan flag and the little triangle that has moutains that represent the countrys in Central America. At the top of my painting, I wrote " Nicaragian Pride" so that people would know which country I'm from. My red lips should really stand out before anything in my drawing. In my painting I did not use any repeating colors, it was all diffrent. I used alot of textures and shading in my painting. The shading was used to make my shirt pop out and look real, the same goes for my hair and lips. The elements used in this painting is blended shading and hue. these elements work together because the blended shading really made this work of art pop and look more realistic. The hue was created by all the diffrent colors that I chose, none of them were repeated so it gave my project a rainbow type of look. the hue was helpful, it really made my project look less boring to look at. In this painting theres alot of warm colors, I chose them so it could look kind of fun and happy. The idea of this project was to show people what my culture is. This should mean that I am Nicaguarian, and have pride from where I come from. That's why I put at the top of my work " Nicaragian pride ", so that people will read it and automatically know that I am proud of where i come from. The way I feel about my artwork is great, but I feel like i would of felt better about it if I would of added more stuff from my culture. I feel like it's missing a few pieces....
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