Joseph Kosuth on Conceptual Art

Topics: Modernism, Conceptual art, Visual arts Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: November 27, 2013
This report analyzes the heuristic influence of Joseph Kosuth on Conceptual art , which is a remarkable topic in contemporary art history with a historic study , comparing many important characteristics and art work to explain their similarities. This report is divided into four parts: Kosuth’s life and his work , the background and significance of conceptual art inside the text ,Kosuth’s exploratory impact on conceptual movement , and the conclusion. Joseph Kosuth was born in 1945,from Ohio, very considerable artist in that period , he led contemporary art history to shift from visual form to art with the conceptual significance of philosophic thinking, trying to break the barriers of traditional art forms ,especially the formalism (Whistler, 2012). Conceptual Art appeared as one of the art movement in1960s.At that time period ,there are a lot of different art movement influences others ,for example : Dadaism , Surrealism , Pop art , Land Art ,Installation Art. (Wood, 2002) In order to avoid to be the mainstream of formalist. Kosuth reject the use of painting and sculpture as a form of expression ,through questioning the nature of art , considered ideas or intention to be more essential than art object. He used the word “Mornphology”(Kosuth, 1969). Aesthetic, this mainly refers to the sense of beauty ,we should not use decorations as the function to measure the visual beauty of art or use that connected to “taste,” (Greenberg, 1983) which brought him to Clement Greenberg, described as “the critic of taste.”Kosuth wrote “Aesthetics is about subjective opinions on perception…we can deal aesthetically with anything that is in the world that our senses can respond to.”(Kosuth, 1969) Art and aesthetics must be separated. But When the sensory part is removed , what makes a work to be considered as art ?He mentioned Ad Reinhardt’s “Art as Art” (Cioffoletti, 2010) inside the text to oppose formalism and purified the form of aesthetic. To make his concept not...

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