John Wayne Gacy

Topics: John Wayne Gacy, Serial killer, Murder Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: October 7, 2013
The Killer Clown
Serial killers have existed throughout American history and many of whom, would never be expected to kill innocent people. However, looks can be deceiving and this was the case for a serial killer in small town of Chicago. This serial killer was considered in the community to be well liked, generous, loyal, and a hard-working man. But no one could have predicted that this well liked man was destined to become one of the most sadistic serial killers and rapists in United States history. This “model” citizen was John Wayne Gacy Jr., a prolific serial rapist and murderer. Gacy sexually assaulted boys and young men, killed them, and then proceeded to bury them under his home in a small crawl space. Gacy was later recognized as “The Killer Clown” because he would dress as his alter ego, Pogo the Clown, allowing Gacy to lure children into his home without looking suspicious. John Wayne Gacy was subjected to a difficult life that included being abused verbally and physically by Gacy’s father, molested by a family friend at the age of nine, and struggled with severe medical conditions. Due to factors of stress, constitutional factors, and inherited factors, John Gacy became a psychopathic serial rapist and serial murderer.

John Gacy’s childhood was not one of happiness and normalcy. On March 17, 1942, John Wayne Gacy Jr. was born to Danish and Polish parents in Chicago, Illinois. Gacy was born into his family as the second of three children, and he was the only son. Gacy never had a strong relationship with his father; Gacy’s father was a strong alcoholic and would physically and verbally abuse Gacy throughout his childhood. Gacy’s father would often call the overweight, self-conscious, young boy a “sissy”. However, Gacy did have a stable, loving relationship with his mother and sister. At the age of nine, a family friend molested Gacy; Gacy never told his father of the incident, for fear that Gacy’s father would blame him. When Gacy...
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