Jeffrey Dahmer Reaction Paper

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“Can't go around making excuses, blaming other people or other things. So I alone am the one who is responsible for what's happened. The only motive that there ever was, was to completely control a person--a person I found physically attractive. And keep them with me as long as possible, even if it meant just keeping a part of them.” – Jeffrey Dahmer

Above was one of Dahmer’s statements in his last television interview before his death in November 1994. The man was a murderer, someone who made painted his name in the collection of world’s finest serial killers. What is interesting is that he was doing this out of his compulsion and sexual needs but what is scary is that he was a man who acts completely “normal.”

Dahmer’s case was indeed interesting that I had personally chosen to make a reaction paper out of it. As I have not been contented of the case study in Robert Meyer’s book, this case made me search supplements such as documentaries, interview recordings and photographs over the internet. This was perhaps because I wanted to know Dahmer, his life, how he looks like, his behavior, how he felt during and after the crime, what brought him to engage in such actions and how his parents responded to all these events as it was fairly obvious how the world condemned him.

Let me tell you how Dahmer looked like. He looked unfortunately good looking and too much normal. He wore glasses, had this fine nose, fair eyes, thick lips and had this growing beard making him look very manly in his trial days. During his last interview, he had this big, protruding belly, perhaps the result of his long term alcoholic consumption. I say he was too normal to be a killer. He did not have the fiery eyes, the sadistic smile, the unkempt hair; he did not talk angrily, was not stammering or even nervous. He was intelligent, was good at speaker and maybe good at manipulating people. All these qualities became one of his tools to have kept his killing spree on fire for 13 years.

It was puzzling what made him fantasize lying beside a dead body to achieve sexual satisfaction. Dahmer’s life was very typical. It was typical because he grew in a good family. Lionel, Dahmer’s father, mentioned in an interview that they have particularly paid attention to him while he was growing. They promoted interaction when they felt that their son was starting to isolate himself, they observed him to be a bit withdrawn so they bought him a dog and it was also a fact that his dad sent him to college when he observed that Dahmer was acting awkwardly not knowing that this was because he killed his first victim. The separation of Dahmer’s parents is an aggravating factor in his first victim when he was 18 years old but it was not even the reason on why he started to abnormally fantasize about these dead men. It was one of my observations since he mentioned in one of his interviews that these fantasies started when he was 13 or 14 years old. At this age, no conflicts in his family, in school or with friends were reported, or if there was with his family, both his parents emphasized that Dahmer has not even witnessed them fighting or shouting at each other. It has been a trend that killers come from violent or abusive families, but Dahmer did not have that kind of background. It is then frustrating not to know the reason for such outrage. My further readings state that maybe it was because of a psychological trauma with the family moving from one place to another and from his hernia surgery. But those reasons are something that would be hard to be agreed on. First of all, the timeline of events were not congruent to that of the consequence and because Dahmer confessed that he is not even aware of why he did such act. He did not even express certain distress over some childhood or teenage events. Perhaps Freud would have a hard time solving this psychiatric phenomenon.

This man was not even enjoying the killing, he said so in his interview, but he enjoyed the...
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