Its All Your Fault

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Automobile, Viggo Mortensen Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: February 11, 2013
“It’s all your fault”

After going to school for 13 years a group of year 12 girls have finally reached the time they have all been waiting for. This bunch of girls Amelia, Chloe, Katie, Tahlia and Chelsea met in year 7 and have stuck by each other ever since then. They were probably one of the few groups that had a relationship like these girls. They have all been there to support each other and would all meet up and do something nearly every weekend.

These 5 girls were focused on getting a good hsc and were all set to achieve this. Time was getting closer as the hsc was approaching. The girls were very academic so they would allow plenty of time to study but also have a bit of free time as the knew how important it was to treat yourself a bit and to not get caught up in all the stress as some teenagers do.

Before they knew it the first day was here, the reason why they have all been in school for the past 13 years of their lives. During this time the girls didn’t see much of each other as they all spent majority of their time in their bedroom’s studying crazily.

The girls organised on the day of when it’s all over they were all going out and going to have a good night.

And the day was over they have all just done exams and what they have produced will determine how well they have done over the past years.

That afternoon the girls were all messaging each other how they think they have done and results were all very positive. The 5 girls were all invited to a party with most of the graduating class in year 12 and were ready to be let stressful and have a good night.

7pm came and the girls were ready to celebrate. Chloe Chelsea and Tahlia were the only ones out of the group that were on their Ps and Amelia had her black license. However whenever they went out they would all share driving. Amelia was happy to pick up each of the girls from their houses and drive them to the party as they all lived local and the party wasn’t too far away from...
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