Is Technology a Step Forward or a Step Back?

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Technology Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Today’s world is all about progress- who can be the fastest, the richest and the best and it all seems to be deeply rooted in technology. So, does this need for technology affect us positively or negatively?

To answer this, we first need to look at the meaning of the word Technology. According to the Oxford Dictionary technology is ‘the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes’. In other words technology is using your knowledge of machines and different techniques to solve a particular problem or make a difficult situation easier.

In looking at this in more detail, there seems to be the most progress in the area of gadgets. For example, in the production of phones, it is here today, out of style tomorrow. We all know a friend who buys the latest phone and two months later sells it to buy a newer version. The same goes for gaming consoles, computers and appliances among other things. The latest version is quickly replaced by a new and improved one.

Although these are only a few examples they all have one purpose- making our lives easier. We no longer have to reheat food on a stove, we have microwaves and we do not have to look through an encyclopedia, we have Google. Even in writing this speech, the use of technology- the computer, the flash drive and the printer- has made this project a lot easier.

Now, some may call this ease of life, progress, as it helps to lessen the stresses of everyday living. It is the age of multitasking where our parents are working- sometimes more than one job- they are taking care of the homes and the children and socializing with their friends. These technological gadgets help to make tasks easier by reducing the amount of time each one takes, making technology an asset to our lives.

However, it is also believed that this effortlessness causes us, the youth to be lazy. They believe the activities that were done in the past, like taking out the goats before school, is what made them strong...
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