Is Music Piracy Stealing?

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Is Music Piracy Stealing?

For centuries, the term piracy calls forth an image of a plundering character that can be found in one of today’s most popular movies, Pirates of the Caribbean. But over recent decades, the term piracy has evolved into one who infringes copyrighted material. Instead of that dirty one-eyed pirate with a wooden peg leg and cutlass sword, the pirate now can be anyone, any size, any age. Charles Moore wrote the essay, “Is Music Piracy Stealing?”, and tried to answer his own question. Moore started off by explaining that current day pirates simply do not care about copyright laws. He goes into detail about the philosophy, ethics, and morality of the threat of the free exchange of information over the Internet. Moore’s argument is that piracy is a victimless crime and that laws must change along with technology. But does he convince us all that music piracy is in fact stealing? No, he doesn’t, because even if the information comes from statistics, the question of music piracy will always be an opinionated answer.

Moore is a contributing editor for Applelinks is a website dedicated to Macintosh products, one of them being the iPod. The iPod is the most popular and successful portable digital music device in the world. The iPod made music piracy “portable”, and easily accessible to anyone.

The subject of this essay becomes appealing because it is something many have committed and witnessed media piracy. The statistics in Moore’s essay are questionable. He starts his essay with statistics which are of different age groups and consist only of people that expressed a concern about copyrights. He also informs us that people with lower education levels are much more likely to express very little concern for copyrights. What do these statistics have to do with the main concern of this essay? It does not lead to any kind of conclusion. People who pirate music should be viewed as a whole. It does not matter what age you are or...
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