Is College Tuition Really That Much?

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Is College Tuition Really That Much?
A Response to Duncan Hood
College debt is pretty much inevitable for anyone wanting to have an education after high school. I, and most teenagers, do indeed want to go onto college but are scared away by the high cost. I know my family and I are definitely freaked out about the high cost of college. These students, including myself, shouldn’t be scared away so easily, as the high tuition isn’t so high at all. Colleges now have what would be called a sticker price. The first number you see is the sticker price, and what you don’t see is all of the deductions you can make to it.

In his editor’s letter “The Out-of-Control University Tuition Hoax,” from Canadian Business 2013, Duncan Hood compares the tuition of college in the past to the present and how the present tuition numbers are deceiving. First, Hood states that when his father went to college, it was free. When Hood went to college in the 90’s, tuition was only around $2,000. Hood points out that in the present day and age, tuition has been reported to be “an astounding $6,610 a year.” Second, Hood goes on to report that he has done his own research on the matter of high college tuition. Within that research, Duncan found that most students aren’t paying full tuition. With all of the financial assistance opportunities that are offered in college now, students are paying less than he did in the 90’s. Some of the opportunities available include grants, financial aid, tax breaks, and scholarships. Hood states that overall, “the sticker price for tuition has shot up dramatically…” All of the financial assistance has also gone up in price, matching the rising tuition. Third, Hood points out that with all of these forms of financial assistance, many more students are getting a college education that those back in the 90’s and earlier. Students that are considered average are now being able to attend college because they have close to the same financial opportunities as the...

Cited: Hood, Duncan. “The Out-of-Control University Tuition Hoax” Canadian Business Sept. 2013.
Canadian Business. Web. 15 Oct. 2013.
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