Initiatives That Should Be Taken by the University to Produce Soft-Skilled Graduates for Employability Assurance

Topics: University, Higher education, Employment Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: December 18, 2012
TOPIC 2: INITIATIVES THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN BY THE UNIVERSITY TO PRODUCE SOFT-SKILLED GRADUATES FOR EMPLOYABILITY ASSURANCE There used to be a time, a few decades back, when anyone with a degree could more or less guarantee to walk into a job: perhaps not their dream job, but certainly something to get started in the world of employment. They have been brought up to believe that with a university education, they will land their dream job immediately and start living the good life. Unfortunately for many recent graduates, this dream is not a reality. Based on the 2011 Graduate Tracking Study of the Higher Education Ministry, About 40,000 graduates in the country are still unemployed because lack of soft-skills. Therefore, our university should introduce new subject with soft-skill learning, organized a seminar to students and make sure the lecturers show their soft-skills to students during their lectures. The truth is most of student; they do not even know what soft-skills are. Go to class and back to do assignment are the only thing that on their mind every day. All university should make a seminar to student about the importance of soft-skilled for them. For example, the university can do this program during orientation week of new students. The program starts from explanation of soft-skill elements and its importance. They can invite the employer from several companies to explain their needs to fulfill the requirement of jobs in their company. With this early exposure, students can plan their lifestyle during their studies to balance academic and another skills in the same time. Therefore, students can realize that being just a bookworm cannot guarantee employment came knocking on their doors. The conclusion is working world has changed in the past decade and demands more skills and competency. So, having knowledge without soft skills is an obstacle for fresh graduates in job hunting. According to Dato’ Zainul Arifin Md Isa, Head of Media Prima’s new media arm...
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