Individualism vs. Collectivism

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Individualism versus Collectivism

In this essay I will discuss about the concept of individualism and the concept of collectivism applied on my group of work. Being a group of work its obvious that we talk here about collectivism but we can observe also some individualistic features. Human characteristic as values are elements of both individualism and collectivism. In this clothing shop we have our culture and that is to be oriented to collectivism because we are working together, we share the same wish to go outside all together, we talk about everything, we have a high level of education or some of us still studying, we share the same purpose here, to work and have some money by ourselves. The moments when we become individualists, in my opinion, is when we have a bad mood, we don’t feel confortable with ourselves, when we have problems and we cannot share it, when we have something In our mind but we re not feeling to talk with someone from the group of work, from collectivity and I think this happens because we are not sharing real friendship here, what is important is the collectivism, the collectivity that we are a part of, and together we solve problems at work, this mechanism of working is doing good during the day, we maintain roles and responsabilities in working process ,we are feeling good when we go out after a hard day of work, but I don’t think that after quitting this job we still going be friends, they are going to come to my weeding or other important moments of my life. Our goals in the working process are feature of collectivism, we need one another to accomplish those missions although we become individualists when boss is giving us something to do without any colleague help. We have also the tendency to attract attention to our contributions and accomplishments, I think in any job we can observe this feature of individualism. Even if is a working area, the communication between us makes everything easier and makes us a collectivity...
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