Importance of Strategic Management of Technology

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Technology must be managed strategically, when it is not, long-range consequences can undermine company’s future. Lets begin with example of IBM

:IBM isolated the development of its personal Computer technology through the use of its south Florida “sunk works”. “Sunk works” was undeniably successful in delivering IBM’s PC to the market quality, but this ad hoc approach failed to integrate PC technology into the operational thinking of company, lacking ability to network with other hardware, attacked by low price colones, IBM was unable to maintain its dominance, so this ad hoc approach with no strategic management proved suicidal for IBM, its just one, but there are several examples which shows the importance of strategic management of technology.

The strategic management of technology is important to utilize the results of advance technology in the most productive manner to offer more competitive products and services. It aims to maximize the cost effectiveness of investments in technology development and ultimately contribution to the value of enterprise

If there is no coherent framework, that is no strategic planning is done in advance to deal with technolgy, practioner will definitely encounter difficulties to move with the complexities of ------------------. But if there is amended framework with the things defined clearly, based on integration of management with the comprehensive elements of company’s technological infrastructure, will help the practioner to increase output.

Not only this, importance of strategic management of technology can be seen from the fact that the company’s like KODAK prepared a detailed strategic technology that discuss how technology affects various business and specific products end process, to help educate managers through out the role of technology in company’s strategy. These days, it is very important for company to...
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