Importance of Free Speach in our colleges and universities

Topics: First Amendment to the United States Constitution, University, College Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: January 15, 2014
Importance of ‘Free Speech’
The first amendment guarantees every American citizen certain rights, one of them, also the most important amendment, is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech supports the other four guarantees press, assembly, religion and petition. Free speech is a crossroad in certain law across the country, one of the more controversial and most important one is on college campuses. The place where the people of our future generation go to learn and expand is being put down by administrations and other higher personnel. If college is not a forum for an exchange of ideas, then the purpose of college does not exist. There has been court decisions regarding this topic in colleges and universities and the courts have not decided a side. When one decision from the court goes for the students to be able to have free speech another vote goes against the students and for authority. The question that is begged to be asked, have restrictions of free speech in colleges and universities become too restricted? Does the first amendment collapse on universities and colleges campuses? Freedom of speech on campuses is extremely important and needs to be granted to all students everywhere. Although, it will be shown, this is not the normal in today’s society. In today’s society fair freedom of speech, the most significant guarantee of the First Amendment is most required to be found on college campuses; however it isn’t every campus. On the climate of freedom of speech of college campuses a distraction must be made between public and private colleges, because freedom of speech primarily functions differently between the two. Public Colleges and Universities receive state and federal funds to operate and therefore subject to the governments rules. Private colleges and universities and independent institutions found on private property and therefore are not subject to the rules of the government. Robert M. O’Neil states that the issue of free speech of private...
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