Importance of Communication

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b)Increasing our store of information
c)For a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in d)Changing people’s attitudes, beliefs, opinions and actions e)For making decisions
Still all communication activities perform certain basic functions but we communicate because WE ACTUALLY NEED TO! Communication is fundamental and necessary for human beings. Interaction
On a day to day basis, we tend to socialize with our peers i.e. friends, siblings, elders and new people alike. Therefore the ability to interact is important so as to achieve our goal, which in the case of interaction is to be able to share commonness and getting to know others. Increasing our store of information

When communication takes part, knowledge is increased. The more knowledge we gain the more we expand the space we have in our brain to store relevant information. For a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in With Intra-personal communication we can actually communicate within ourselves by thinking, remembering, feeling and meditating. These purposes used identify who we are as individuals and benefit us for the better. While Inter-personal communication is between two people (Dyadic communication) or among a small number of people, helping us know our surroundings better. Changing people’s attitudes, beliefs, opinions and actions As a communicator, I have the ability to transform what people think based on how I speak to them. Communication is a powerful source whereby the Sender can influence the receiver of the message to change his/her opinions and what the Receiver wants to act upon as a feedback. For making decisions

Communication can be a tricky concept to master within an organization, particularly one with complex levels and multiple issues. When all parts of your organization communicate smoothly, it can improve workflow and overall productivity. By...
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