Impacts on Technology and Children

Topics: Technology, Frank Popper Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: November 7, 2011
The Negative Impact of Technology on Today’s Youth
Sebrina M. Abbott
Florida State College Jacksonville

We live in a day and age where there are no longer many unanswered questions. The digital world that we have come to know can be thanked for that. Technology has made our lives tremendously easier. Most answers can be found at the touch a finger with a smartphone or the Internet. Although, this new technological world has made life easier for us, are we paying a price? Technology has many positive aspects for today’s youth, however without given in moderation can be harmful in many ways. Welcoming new technology is negatively impacting our children in a number of ways. Obesity has increasingly become an issue with children due to little or no exercise. Computers have taken them away from wanting to play the outside. As children spend more time indoors on computers or watching television their eyes are being more strained and is causing more children to wear glasses at earlier ages. In addition, aggressive behavior amongst children has often been linked to violence in video games or television. With all of these negative effects technology can have on our children, it has to be our role to make sure we continue to guide our children through this modern technology. Technology and computers have become a large and important part of our daily lives. They have changed our ideas about people, and time. From the convenience of our homes, we can now talk to people, and watch events happen in far away places. Daily activities like shopping, banking, and playing games are a few of the other daily activities that have also been changed. So many of the ways we communicate and handle information are now different by new technological developments. Technology has also become so easy for us that even our children are using it. “Children now use an average of 8 hours per day of entertainment technology.” (Rowan, 2010) Imagine the effect that 8 hours a day...
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