Impact of the Technology in the Society

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2013: the year which holds technology’s future. 2013 holds so much potential for the future that we can’t even fathom the idea of what’s coming, positives and negatives. Starting from the basics: what do we mean by technology? Why is technology making this huge name for itself now rather than in 2003? Well, it has always been advancing, even in 2003. However, it gains more strength and speed in development because of the continued funding of who knows how many trillions of dollars in total! Before we dive into some sociological impacts, let’s start with some recent technology advancements.

Your Fridge Needs a Facebook Account…

That’s right. Your fridge needs a Facebook account…or at least the login for it. LG has come out with a fridge with WiFi capabilities so it can e-mail you when your shopping time comes around with what all groceries you need to buy. With WiFi access and an Operating System (OS), anything is possible. You can actually program your fridge to automatically order your groceries from an online delivery service weekly! Crazy, right? This is just one of the amazing technologies.

You Wouldn’t Download a Car!

With pirating as large-scale as it is on the Web, we face problems with stealing music, games, movies, and other digital content. Recently, it was announced that the Xbox 360 is now capable of ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut. I guess the saying “you wouldn’t download a pizza” is gone too, huh? Would you download a car? Better yet, COULD YOU download a car? Give it a few more years, and the answer will almost certainly be yes! Printing has advanced to the point where you can print in 3D. There’s a lot of buzz around these 3D printers and how amazing their capabilities are and, more importantly, how amazing their accuracy is! Need a hammer? Print it. Need a new phone case? Print it. Broke a plate? Print it! These printers are currently coming to Staples for $800. Yeah, it’s an over-the-counter product; you don’t need to be Apple to buy one! To me, the most amazing news has got to be that they have printed a working car, in FULL. You will be able to print each part and assemble it on site, as required. No longer will you rely on Ebay and Amazon to send you some old used part that may or may not work for your ’69 Dodge Charger. I guess soon, we WILL download a car.

Communications: Can You Hear Me Now?

The mobile industry has boomed with the constant development of new technologies in mobile devices. Keep in mind that mobile devices is not just your cell phone: it’s also your iPad, iPod, Chromebook, and pretty much anything that is an on-the-go device. The competition between the companies in the mobile industry is incredible! Samsung’s newly released Galaxy S4 has set new standards for processing speeds, and Apple continuously develops new features on their iPhones. And let’s not forget the app developers. Without app developers, we’d be lost with our mobile devices. The competition forces new intuitive ideas between companies, as well as faster hardware. Along with the development of the hardware and software, there’s also the actual networking of phones. You can use your phone to contact your friends anywhere from across the world, the country, the state, the city, the county, the neighborhood, the house, and yes, even the room. Not only can you reach them, but it’s fast and — for the most part — reliable.

Technology of the Past

Technology will never stop moving forward due to all the great thinkers out there, and is leaving some technologies behind! Like a fridge that was used for keeping food cold. Who needs cold food anyway when I can watch YouTube on it? Soon, we’ll just print it anyway, then send the download link for your greatest recipe through text to your friend 10 states over. In the “old days”, we used phones for talking to each other. That was it. Not for texting. Not for browsing the web. And not for playing Angry Birds (a nightmare, I know). In the past, technology was...
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