Impact of Technology on Human Interaction

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The Social Disconnection
Put. It. Down. Whether it is a cell phone, a computer, a tablet or a TV, people in today's technological world always have their eyes in front of some kind of screen. Due to the misuse of technology, people today do not consider their surroundings important. Technology is everywhere, giving anyone who comes within its reach access to all kinds of information. There is evidence that shows technology is more efficient to use, but people pay too much attention to it rather than to each other. Society has shifted to a time where talking to someone face-to-face is no longer required, and this shift has become a growing problem in today’s world. Technology is being improved every day, but the new advancements being created are causing people to lose basic essentials needed for life. Rather than allowing technology to change important priorities, society should limit their use of technology and consider it as an asset to living a normal life rather than a necessity. Technology has provided society with different ways of communication, but the excessive use of technology is causing a decrease in human interaction and the public’s human intelligence level, leaving children today to live a computer-only lifestyle. Scientists are continuing to improve technology at an accelerating rate while providing society with more access to different forms of technology. It has taken little time for the public to adapt to an age of cell phones, computers and tablets. Ray Kurzweil reveals, “It took 50 years for the telephone to be adopted by a quarter of the population; the cell phone did that in seven years. Social networks, Wikis, and blogs and tweets did that in three years” (Aamoth). People today are attracted to these networking sites due to the connection that they provide. The public considers social networking a great way to communicate with each other, though it is not in real time. Another journalist, author of “Technology is in your face: is it...

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