Impact of Technology

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impCRTThe Impact of Technology
Many factors can impact on jobs in the future and technology is definitely one of them. With technology advancing at our current rate, it is a known fact that many jobs would be extinct in the future. In the future, machines would take over humans in factories. Since machines are quicker, more accurate and you don't have to pay them for the work they do. Whereas humans can make mistakes, slower, and greedy. They want more money.

When cars were invented, it was developed and made by humans. But nowadays, machines took over all the harder jobs in car factories. There are a lot of jobs that are at stake right now that would cause a lot of people to lose their occupation and work place.

Some of them are:

* Mail mans, since mail can be delivered electronically to save paper

* Factories

* Cashiers, considering that a lot of stores are using self-checkout.

* Waiters/waitress, considering that there is a completely mechanical restaurant in China, so why not make all restaurants into computer controlled?

* Shopping malls, everything can be bought online now

* Librarians, since books can be read on the computer and through devices

* Stores such as Pizza Hut would close down, seeing that the foods can be ordered online and delivered to your house

The above are just some examples, if technology continues to grow and advance; our whole planet would be turned into a mechanical place! No one would go outside since there wouldn't be a need to. The air would be polluted from making machines and developing new technologies. If technology continues to grow there would be many negative impacts on our world, how people live and us as humans.

Not only does the advancement of technology affect the citizen’s careers, but also the lifestyle of everyone on this planet (the population). Unfortunately, the active lifestyles are decreasing along with healthy eating. As we only want things to be fast, and...
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