Impact of Technological Advancement on Business Communication(How Internet, Sms, Voice Mail, Etc Effect Communication in Organizations)

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Impacts of Technology on Communication

Technology has brought forth a revolutionary transformation in the way we communicate with each other. As we progress through the information age, various technological devices such as the television, hand phones, and personal computers have come and established themselves in our everyday lives.This has definitely influenced interpersonal communication in many ways, both positive as well as negative. It can’t be denied that using technology in communication today is the order of the day. It has become a necessity to an extent that many people and businesses can’t survive without it. For this reason, it has exhibited various impacts which are both positive and negative on personal, professional and ethical issues in the community. The implication of technology on the personal lives of individuals can be easily seen.It is apparent that technology has improved the lives of people since they are able to communicate online without writing letters and even using the telephones to do it like the olden days. Today,individuals are able to chat live through Voice over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) conversation, and also through the instant messages (IM). This has enabled even students to discuss over the internet without any harm hence better life style in studies. In turn minimized the cost of traveling and saved them energy. Again, personally, people have been able to get crucial information from the net, for example, information on the daily occurrences. Individuals have benefited on the reduced cost of communication due to day to day improvement of technology. Besides, it has enabled people to interact with different people from all walks of life thereby improving their social life. With the invent of internet, the world has...
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