Impact of High-Tech Gadgets on the Self-Esteem

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Background of the Study
I. Introduction
“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” * Albert Einstein
As the world gets older there is a big change in the environment of human living. It improves the knowledge of human beings to invent or create things that they think would improve the lifestyle of each individual called technology. In modernization nowadays, using gadget is very chronic in use. People were able to do their job much better, easier and dependent to it. Technology is more accessible in some of the aspect just like in gathering information, easier way of communication and as well as entertainment. It is convenient that even an individual can use these gadgets wherever they are, at home, in their work place, school and public places. But there are some consequences in using these gadgets and being a technology dependent individual nowadays it could be positive and some have been negative, but for we all know, technology has changed the way people live today. We see and use technology every day, from the moment we wake up to check our on- line social networking sites to the moment we go to bed and set our alarm clocks. It’s played an important part in the medical field which specialized in knowing the health condition of a person, but it has also made people lazy and dependent on technology. This is how the widely extent use of the technology nowadays. Since the appearance of technology, everyone seems to be busy in facing their own gadgets like sending messages, e-mails and posting status on social networks. People tend to neglect a face to face conversation with others and even to their families at home. There is no balance in health and interpersonal relationship which is to be considered as most important role in the life of a human being that will function well in living every day. The minds of an individual is locked up and more attached to things which are the possible causes of neglecting social interaction personally and may lead to being isolated with the technology ( Thiebaud,2010). Most affected of these negative impacts are the students since they use these gadgets for their school requirements. According to Hazelnutskie (2013), students nowadays neglect social interacting even though they are together. A face to face conversation is not going to happen since they are busy in giving attention to the gadgets they have. This paper focuses on the influence of high-tech gadgets on the self-esteem of a person. There were lots of gadgets that technology companies offered nowadays, just like I-pad, I-phone, and tablets which give impact to people who can afford these kinds of gadgets. Through this, people declines to have conversation face to face with a certain person or human being. Finally, this research is important because it will assist people who were getting addictive in using never ending development of technology. As the ensuing research illustrates, this research is not only to the people who were gadget addictive but also all of the people who have less knowledge about the cause of using technology to them.

Conceptual Framework
Users of High-tech Gadgets
Users of High-tech Gadgets

Influences of the gadgets to the user
Influences of the gadgets to the user

Level of self – esteem of the user
Level of self – esteem of the user

Figure I: Research Paradigm
This model was based on the published book of Randy J. Larsen entitled Personality Psychology: domains of knowledge about human nature wherein the personality trait and mechanism can have an effect on people’s lives depending on the influence and the environment of what an individual is facing. A personality or views of a person is changing through the environment they live in. Nowadays the world of technology is evolving and each individual can have an access to this. The first process is the high-tech gadget users wherein...

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