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Topics: University, Higher education, Academic degree Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Alyssa Bligen
Professor Hendrickson
English 101 Section 20
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College Students and Their Academics
In today’s day and age, there are more people attending college. Students range from a variety of ages and races. Although this may be the generation of partygoers, social media, and procrastination, today’s college students are serious-minded when it comes to their academics. In this economy, one cannot afford to waste money in furthering their education if they do not plan on attending. Many college students are actually furthering their educations because they believe that they will live better lives with a college degree. Some believe that by achieving a higher level degree one is set up for a better job with benefits and a better pay. This generation of college students majorly prioritizes their lives accordingly so that they have time to focus on their academics.

Today’s economy leaves no room to play around with money. When students sign up for their classes they have to submit some form of payment in order to lock in their classes. College courses are not cheap nowadays. If one is paying for a specific course and one does not show up that is a waste of that person’s time and money. Doing such is like buying a video game and never playing with it. No one wants to waste their hard earned money on something that they are not going to follow through with because whether or not one attends that course, that person is still paying for it. All of that missed time adds up to a lot of money. Eventually the end of the semester rolls by, and if one so happens to fail that class then more money comes out of pocket when the course needs to be taken again. Most students take this into deep consideration because they are probably saving up for something a little more important.

In addition to the plummeting economy, college students are starting to realize the importance of obtaining a higher degree and furthering their education. College...
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