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Amanda Reed
Academic Writing 3&4
Illustration Essay
First Draft

College Is Important
You may ask yourself, “Why is college important to me?" Well if you think about it for a little bit, you will come up with some of these. First of all, you can get good grades, feel good about yourself, and get a good paying job if you had went/gone to college. Next, while you’re a student at your college; you can participate in a variety of clubs and activities, which can also provide many opportunities and advantages. Then, did you know that; people with a college education can learn and earn twice as more as those who only has/have a high school diploma. Finally, did you know that; college graduates lives longer, have/has better access to health care, and has more income then people who aren’t in college. You may wonder, “What does college mean to me?” Well, when I thought of it; these are what I had came up with. First, college means that you could live at home with your parents or live with your friends or by meeting new people as roommates in a dorm together. Second, college might mean becoming broke, by spending all of your money on your college life, your books and classes, food, your dorm (if your staying in one), and whatever else a college student would need. Third, college always means, you have more freedom to live your life, go to parties, and have a blast enjoying yourself as a college student. Now you’re probably thinking, “What Should you look at/for before you applying at a college?” First, you may want to find out what type of college and where you might want to go to college at, the tuition to get in to the college, what the rating of the college is (how many stars it has), and what the size of the college is; it may also be good to take a tour of the campus too. Second, determine how many classes that you would want to take, look to see if the classes you want to take are degree or non-degree classes and how much the degree classes are....
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