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Topics: Modernism, History of painting, Western painting Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Types of Arts, Evaluation of Art and Artworks
Daouda Diomande
Instructor: Deborah Kaszovitz
HUMA205-1302B-02: Arts and Works of Art.
American Intercontinental University
The common idea that people have of art is painting or drawing. There are different forms of arts called types of artworks such as painting, sculpture (carving, modeling, assemblage and construction), architecture, printmaking, electronic media which includes computer, and digital graphics, ceramics, visual and graphics designs, collage, photography, post modern annexation and reconversion (Researching Art n.d “Types of Art). All these works of art function under two main roles of artworks such as representational and abstract or nonobjective. In addition, there is a specific language use by each artist to describe and explain his art. In the term of these, two specific works of (representational, or abstract that will illustrate the context and the role of the artwork To start, it is necessary to define art and work of art. The art could be defined as products of human creativity, works of art collectively or creation of beautiful or significant things (esthetes). While work of art or artwork are photographs or other visual representation in printed publications or painted boards. In this discussion board, as an investigator journalist, it will be important to focus on understanding of two types of painting contextualizing representational and abstract. The painting representational describes or represents specific portrait, recognized physical object and sometimes the representational painting reflect the true idea of life as the photography does (Harley Hahn, 2013). To illustrate the painting representational, we will consider in the gallery of Harley Hahn/s painting, the painting of Haystacks, created by Claude Monet in 1890- 1891 in Wheatstacks (End of Summer). This two dimensional painting containing yellow leaves and weed illustrate the fall which is the end of summer and...

References: Hahn. H. (2013). Harley Hahn Art Center. Understanding Abstract Art. Retrieved from
Researching Art. (n.d “Types of Art). Retrieved from
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