How to Resolve Organizational Miscommunication

Topics: Management, Situational leadership theory, Leadership Pages: 4 (719 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Executive Summary

To increase customer service and cohesiveness in your company, we recommend that you implement short and long term strategies which will allow your company to provide value towards its potential customers.

Being a past leader in the International Hotel industry, your company has over the past couple of years not lived up to this standard. We have noticed that your customer satisfaction and service quality has decreased which has become one of the many reasons why you have not been able to contest for the Best Overall Accommodation Award. It is important that customer satisfaction and organisational cohesiveness is at the highest level. This will ensure value is given to the customer and that your company will survive and continue to grow in the years to come.

We have noted that there is poor communication between managerial levels, conflict between co-workers and also the communication towards customers needs to be improved. These problems are consequently decreasing your customer satisfaction and organisational cohesiveness.

In order to increase customer satisfaction and be able to achieve the Best Overall Accommodation Award, we recommend that you: 1. Implement the Hersey Blanchard Situational Leadership Model 2. Have negotiations between members of staff

3. Provide staff with a template for e-mails

Issue – Organisational Miscommunication

It is noted at Pemeco Hotel through worker testimonials that the communication between levels of management is minimal. This is resulting in poor decisions being made, unclear job instructions and a set of poor leadership skills are being produced.

Importance of Organisation Communication

Without proper communication between levels of management, organisations can not operate effectively and moreover, Pemeco Hotel will not receive the best Overall Accommodation Award. Furthermore, tasks cannot be completed properly and goals cannot be achieved because employees did not...
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