how to make university interesting and beneficial

Topics: Learning, Student, University Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: January 13, 2014
Do you ever heard of your mother said “ Study hard, when you grow up you can go to university.” . Thus, university has become a part of priority in this modern world to go to university. Unfortunately, students now do not grab this opportunity greatly. They tend to be university is a place of freedom and enjoyment without any ones can tell you do this and that. The right way of students is to make university a base of achievement toward your ambition by making university interesting and beneficial through develop effective study skills through group interactions, learn interesting skills through co-curricular activities and participate in social events organized by the university. Firstly, we can develop effective skills through group interactions. Each group of course can divide into small group of five people but in the group must have equal level of students such as the brightest, the weakest and the moderate so that each student will have benefits of study together. The brightest can share their knowledge and the weakest can improve their weakness so do the moderate ones. Not only that, each student in the group must have their role such as find past year exam, exercise and information in the internet to be contributed to each member of group. By this way, the effective study skills can be developing. Besides, by learning interesting skills through co-curricular activities. University is not a place of study only it is a place where we build up our knowledge to be use in the real world. So we must grab all the chance that in front of our eyes all else you will regret it in the future. Examples, by entering taekwondo club , you can learn how to protect yourself against bad people and help others who are need help. This type of knowledge that cannot find it in books .So being university student, we should not focus in study only. Lastly , we can participate in social events organized by the university. Every weeks, the university will organized an event so...
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